Tuesday, April 29, 2008


For some reason, lately I have been obsessed with Fiestaware dishes. I do not own any of these dishes but have always loved the idea of having various colors to mix and match and can picture them in my one set of glass doored cupboards. I can't bring myself to buy any, just because I don't need them. I packed up our old dishes that we never used and put them in the garage for the sale I am having next month. They were cheap, white, and boring. Plus, very heavy. We tend to use our plastic plates a lot, and that is so not right. I have my good china but don't want to use that as our everyday dinnerware. I also have an 8 place setting of 2 other sets of dishes but I really do not like either. One is a hand me down from my parents. They had it as newlyweds and I don't have the heart to get rid of it. It is dark brown and green. The other set is dollar store dishes, and they are actually kind fo nice. They are sturdy and kind of remind me of fiestaware. However, the only colors they had were an olive green and pumpkin orange. I was hoping for a mix of colors and my friend who told me about them had a nice burnt red color she had found but they were out. So, I have about 4 of each green and orange in plates, bowls, and mugs. They are "ok" but not my fiestaware. I am 34 yr old and have been married almost 10 years and I really want those dishes!!! I have gone to Kohl's a few times lately to look at the place settings. They are about $20 each and I'd want at least 4 settings to start out with so that is about $80. My plan is to have my garage sale in May and see how much I make and then use that money and wait for a good coupon to come (one time I got 30%!) and possibly make my purchase. I seem to be buying a lot of stuff lately, or wanting to change things. I don't know if it is because I am starting a new chapter in my life or that I know I'll be making money soon, or just that I'm getting bored with things that I have had for years. I just don't know. I really am not a big shopper or spender (even though it sounds like it a lot on this blog lately!) I never, ever go to malls. I pretty much buy everything we have either on sale or clearance. I do not buy name brand things for any of us. I buy almost everything at Target or Kohls. Does anyone out there have fiestaware? Tell me about it!! I've been searching online and the cheapest I've seen is $20 for a place setting of 4 or 5. I'd prefer the 4 piece but Kohls only has the 5. I don't think I need saucers. I also want a variety of colors and then add more as I can. I would even buy secondhand but ebay seems even more expensive. Until I actually buy it, I will just picture it in my cupboard and dream! HA!

Sunday, April 20, 2008

Changes ahead

I can't believe the end of April is just around the corner. I have my final exam May 12 and pinning May 14. Then I'm done with school. I will be trying to get an early June NCLEX date so I will spend the rest of May studying. I will then hopefully take the NCLEX first week of June and have a month off from everything until I start my job July 28. I am eager to transition from student to RN. I am so looking forward to a break from school. I do plan to go back for my masters in time, but not sure when I will do that. I may take classes here and there to take advantage of my tuition reimbursement and get some generals done for the masters program. I do want to work at least a year before doing any school. I need a break!! And working will be plenty to keep me busy!

I am starting my outside walking again, now that it is above freezing. It still is not "spring" around here. We still need to dress warm, but hopefully in the next couple weeks things will warm up. I am walking in the MS Walk again May 4, and we never know what the weather will be. It has varied from sunny and warm to snow and sleet. It is 8 miles so I need to do some regular walking until then to prepare my body so it isn't in pain that day!! I did 3 miles yesterday and typically do about 3 miles at least a few times a week.

The kids are done with school the first week in June. Then we will be busy doing fun summer stuff. Can't wait!

Friday, April 11, 2008

Snow Day

The kids happened to have the day off school, due to parent/teacher conferences so we are all home. There is quite a bit of snow outside and there is more coming. I sure hope spring/summer comes quickly!! I just cleaned the hardwood floors, by hand this time (usually I use the swiffer mop). I have to put everything back then I'm not going to do too much housework. I already did all my laundry yesterday. The kids are playing nicely as of now. I think I'll help them make a fort in the basement. They would love that. Not much else going on today. Nice to have a day with no plans. Tomorrow B has 2 birthday parties back to back. I plan to take the kids to the yearly library used book sale. Most books are $1 or less. Usually they find some treasures and I love good deals on books. DH and I plan to have a night out tomorrow night for my birthday. My parents volunteered to babysit so we will think of something fun to do. There are a lot of movies out I'd like to see. Anyway, that is what is going on around here!!

Thursday, April 10, 2008

I didn't think 5 1/2 year olds could still have tantrums?

But guess what? They can!! J had a great big one today at Tar-jay. Not fun, and totally unexpected really. She used to have them often as a 2-3 yr old when she did not get what she wanted but she seems a bit old. Here is the story....

We had to get a few groceries and 2 birthday gifts for parties this weekend. While in the toys, of course the kids like to wander around and look at toys. J found this little baby Bratz thing in a bottle. It was like $4.99. I told her she could hold onto it and I'd see, as I really wasn't planning on buying them any toys and she is out of money. B also found these little Playmobile pirates. They are like $2.99. Not a big deal. But still, as we walked around I started thinking of all the toys they have at home that aren't played with. I started feeling guilty, like I should not give in to them just because they are inexpensive. I also was thinking of the week previous. J was home sick, really sick, with a bad double ear infection. She was so pathetic and sick, while at the pharmacy I totally caved and bought her this trick/magic set for like $6, it was such a waste of money if you saw what was in it. She played with it for one day. I also thought of the past few weeks. My husband bought them a little something a couple weeks back. They also got some stuff from their grandparents. They have all these toys they don't even truly know all they have. Pathetic really.

So, towards the end of the shopping I said "I am not punishing you, you both were very good. I just do not think you need these toys so we are not going to buy them today." B has his own money and I still did not let him just because he has some similar toys at home already that he does not play with. B was sad but ok. J started having this major meltdown for like the whole time we were checking out. She first would not give me the toy, then I started the 1-2-3 and by 3 she handed it over but still was freaking out. It was totally out of control. It is like she lost control of her emotions. This shows me that she is not told "no" enough, and she needs to learn disappointment a little better. I feel like I have messed up with her. She is our baby and we seem to cater to her in some ways. Even her brother hates to see her upset. He said "mom, get her the toy. you don't have to buy mine." Is that the saddest thing?? He hates her upset. Being upset is part of life and this was a lesson for the kids and for me. Say no!!

I have to say, we usually do not venture to the toy area for this reason. They always find something they just LOVE and it is the most amazing wonderful toy ever made. I typically shop alone or stay in just the grocery area. When we have to buy gifts is when we go to the toy area. I should not have to avoid the toy area, and next time I will make it very clear they won't be getting anything. I know it was probably confusing for them, as I told them they could hold onto the toys but I changed my mind about buying them. Is that wrong??? What do you think?

On another note, it is snowing. Like really snowing. Big, wet snowflakes. And it is APRIL!

Tuesday, April 08, 2008


Today I am 34 years old. I don't know where the years have gone!! I still feel like I am 18 years old sometimes!! I am happy and content to be in my 30's and have so much to look forward to. I have the life I always dreamed of, or even more. I have a loving family, 2 beautiful and healthy kids, wonderful friends, a roof over my head, and my health. I have food to eat, clothes to wear and money to spend. I am a lucky woman.

I am spending my birthday kid-less (both at schools) and studying for a big exam tomorrow. Not the most exciting day but that is ok. I don't want or need much. I just am happy to be here! I came home from class last night to find a trail of computer printed letters down the hall and up the stairs saying: "HAPPY BIRTHDAY MOM. WE LOVE YOU!" What a nice surprise. That is all I need.

I have to admit I did do some shopping for myself this year. More than usual. The coats (see post below, they still have not arrived...), and I ordered myself this makeup kit:
If you like mineral makeup, this company is great. They have really affordable makeup and great quality. I have tried drugstore brands and I either break out or don't like the color or how it wears throughout the day. Since starting to wear mineral makeup, my skin has cleared up a lot and I break out a lot less and when I do it is not as bad as it used to be when I used regular liquid foundation. I got my makeup yesterday and have been trying my new colors out. The stuff I got should last me a long time. The sizes are really generous and you get so much for your money.

My other gifts also include new blinds (ordered online also from http://www.selectblinds.com/, which DH is going to install for me. I am excited for the new look. And we put this on reserve at the local video game store: http://e3nin.nintendo.com/wii_fit.html. It is the new WII Fit game, coming out in May. I have read and heard really good things about it, and hope it is something I can incorporate into my workout. Plus, the whole family can have fun with it. So, I am spoiled this year.

J came in this AM and gave me a piece of her gum and a bottle of her nail polish. Orange nail polish! She is so sweet.

I better get back to studying. Here's to another great year.

Thursday, April 03, 2008


Today I finally got a call for the job offer I've been waiting for since monday. I know, it was only 3 days but to wait for that call is hard!! I was fairly sure I would get the job but not positive. I did my preceptorship in this unit, but not a lot of experience in this area. Luckily they are in need of RN's and I was lucky enough to get an interview. It is in an emergency department, at a fairly busy hospital. It is in my hometown about 25 min away. It is a great unit, the people are really supportive and helpful. I am nervous as heck to start but that is not until July. I have 2 options for shifts:

1. Evenings 56 hr/pay period (2 weeks) so approx. 28 hr/week. 3pm-1130pm. Every other weekend.

2. Day/night 72 hr/pay period so about 36 hr/week (more than I wanted). 7am-7pm or 7pm-7am. Every 3rd weekend. 12 hr shifts are SO long!

My ideal job would be 8 hr shifts day/evening rotation every 3rd weekend. I would like to work about 28-32 hr a week. But as a new grad I can't be picky and was given these options. Things change quickly and new shifts will open up after I've been there a while and being internal I can get first dibs on those new openings.

I did not initially want an evening shift, due to missing kid stuff. However, I'm leaning that way just because the hours are less and I think I would handle it better physically and emotionally. I am not sure I'm ready to work 36 hr/week, 12 hr shifts, plus nights for some of them. That is a lot to take on. I can always pick up shifts if I want more money. The downside is that during the week I will not see the kids those days. However, it is only a couple days a week and I do that now with school in the evenings. I don't think I'd seem them much more working the 12 hr shifts due to it taking up the entire day. Hard call. The one thing I hate to pass up is the every 3rd weekend. That would be nice to have more weekends off. But that weekend I work would be basically total work. If I do evenings I have mornings at home on those weekend days.

Anyway, I feel lucky to have an offer. Many people are having trouble getting interviews. You know that nursing shortage, not really around here. I'm sure it will eventually be that way but it isn't right now. There are many new grads and hospitals can be picky. There are jobs but many just want you to have some experience. So, I really can't be picky about it. I have to get my foot in the door somewhere. I loved working emergency dept and I will see and do so much.

I'm still up and it is nearly midnight. I am so tired. J had a tough day. She had a fever of 101 and had to take antibiotics orally and drops in her ears. She also is taking tylenol when I can get her to. She did not eat much and was very tired and cranky all day. I eventually picked her up late afternoon and sat in the rocker recliner with her, holding her like I did when she was a baby. Within 5 minutes she was out, and slept nearly 3 hours. I held her almost half of that time and loved it. She is so long and big now but still just my baby.

I'm off to bed. I did some homework and prepared for our simulation weekend this saturday at school. I also have computer training for the new charting system at the hospital so I can make up my OB day that I missed due to being sick earlier this month. I have lots to do for school still, but am trying to take it one day at a time.

Wednesday, April 02, 2008

So frustrated

4:30 - leave house to bring kids to grandma's so I can go to class
5:30-8:00 - at class
8:15 - get a call from grandma telling me J says her ear hurts
8:30 - pick up kids and try to get out of there quick to make it to urgent care
9:10 - get to urgent care near home to find out they close at 9:00
9:15 - try another urgent care in town - closed, decide to drive to neighboring town 20 minutes away, not even sure if urgent care will be open but J crying uncontrollably, have to do something
9:40 - reach urgent care, it is open until 10!
10:00 - leave urgent care with 2 prescriptions. Double ear infection
10:05 - reach pharmacy, closed at 10:00 pm
10:20 - back in home town, hoping one of the 3 pharmacies are open
10:45 - have tried all 3, none are open. Tylenol from urgent care working a bit, J feeling better, falls asleep
10:50 - decide to go home and get through the night on tylenol/ibuprofen and get prescription in AM. All that work to find an urgent care and no medicine to take home. Could have waited until AM and see dr in town by appt. Very frustrated
11:00 - get kids in bed. Very tired kids and mom. No husband in town to help out
11:30 - about to go to bed. J wakes up crying in pain
11:45 - looking online for 24 hr pharmacy. About to get both kids in truck to get the meds
11:50 - J falls asleep again. I crawl in bed with her.
12:00 am - J wakes again moaning. I ask her if she wants to get the medicine but she does not want to get up. Give another dose motrin and hope for the best
12:15 - J asleep again. I'm wide awake yet exhausted.
12:30 - I decide to sleep in J's bed (it's a double thankfully). I eventually fall asleep.
Wake a few times at night. No terrible crying, but some uncomfortable moaning. Poor baby.
7 am - J is up and her ears hurt. I give another dose Motrin
7:30 am - both kids up watching cartoons. I'm exhausted and can't seem to get up.
8:00 am - I finally drag myself out of bed and shower. Call school absence line for J, make breakfast for B, make B's lunch
8:30 - J throws up the motrin all over her pants (luckily in the kitchen, not on carpet!)
8:45 - leave to drop B off at school.
9:00 - get to pharmacy down the street. Get prescriptions filled. J says she is feeling better (motrin that stayed in???)
9:15 - go to McD to get some DVD's for the day at home
9:30 - arrive home, have J eat a little something before giving antibiotics and ear drops
9:45 - put in DVD and make J a bed on living room floor.
10:00 - get out my homework that I am going to attempt to do during the day off and on, probably not with much luck.
11:00 - J watching movie, looking tired
I'm hoping for a nap today and really hoping we all sleep more tonight!!! The joys of motherhood! And why do these things happen at the worst time when DH is out of town?? I was just so frustrated! At least it is just an ear infection. Could be worse!


Praying this is it!! This is the 2nd call that this family has gotten in the past week for a lung transplant. The first call ended up being a dry run (the lungs were not good) and they had their hopes up with no results. I am praying so hard that this time is the real deal.


This story is a true testament to organ donation. It is such a gift to give someone. I have been an organ donor since getting my first license and have made my wishes known to my husband and family. I would love for many others to have the gift of life once I am gone. I truly think it is such a wonderful gift and way to keep a spirit alive. If you aren't an organ donor, please read this story (even if you are, read it!) and consider it!

Pray for Tricia!!!

Tuesday, April 01, 2008

ordering for next year

I decided today to search online for a winter coat for myself for next year. Since we have winter here from about October until April, I really wear my winter coats a LOT! I have had the same boring black one for about 7 years or more. I can remember buying it when I used to work downtown. It is really plain and boring, and just old. I also have a white coat (what was I thinking) that I wear often but it is white and I do wear makeup which seems to get on the collar. It isn't my favorite thing to wear and if I remember right I spent about $10 on it!! So, I searched and found the website overstock.com and ended up ordering 2 coats for what I feel is a pretty good deal. Hopefully I will be able to use them a lot in the winters to come!

I got this one in red:

I also found this one and really liked it so I splurged:

I really probably do not need 2 coats but I promise I won't buy any for many years!!! Let's hope they are warm. MN winters call for warm coats.

I really want to find a coat for B for next year, along with winter boots. I missed all the clearance sales at the stores. He really needs some good winter boots that are able to dry out by the next day. I'd prefer ones with a liner that is removable and can be dried. I searched a bit online with no success. He will need a new coat next year also. I found one for J but missed the boys coats I guess. And the snowpants always go quickly and I missed out on those for both kids. Bummer. I may find something at some garage sales this summer. I will keep my eyes open. Last year I found some snowpants for J which she used all winter. Luckily, they can usually wear the same coats for about 2 years before needing a new one. I am trying to talk J into wearing some hand me down coats from B, even though they are quite "boyish". They are nice and warm though!!

One thing I used a ton this year are some boots I got for myself at Targ*t. They are suede and fur lined and only $20. They were put to good use on those cold snowy days. In fact, I wore them today!! Ugg's are a big thing here but not in my price range!!

So, as spring approaches I prepare for the cold of next winter. Let's hope for a nice warm summer in the meantime, even if we only get a couple months of warmth!


After unexpectedly getting called out of town for work, my husband is gone. I am alone for the first time in many months. I have been spoiled lately, with him working from home. It used to be common for him to be gone for 5 days at a time a couple of times a month. I was used to being alone at night, doing all the childcare and housework. But lately I have been used to having him here. Knowing he will be with me at night, and I will sleep soundly with him by my side. I feel like it is so very quiet and lonely tonight. I don't want to go to bed because it will be cold and quiet. Too quiet. I dread the nights the most.

I can hear J snoring. Poor girl has a really stuffy nose. Her breathing is loud and labored. I will go adjust her pillow to try to get her nose to clear a bit. I know how she feels, as I am getting over a bad cold myself. B is wrapped up in his big blanket. I call him red riding hood, he loves to wrap his whole head in his comforter and sleep with just a little breathing hole. I always go in before I go to bed and unwrap his head, to find him all wet with sweat. His long hair sticking to his head all warm and flushed with heat. My boy is such a sweet thing. And J is usually drooling on her pillow. She is not a sound sleeper like her brother. When I check on her, she will sometimes talk to me. I whisper I love you to each kid and B never responds except for a change of position and mumble. J will occasionally whisper back to me that she loves me too. She sometimes has whole conversations with me with her eyes closed.