Friday, February 27, 2009

Should I stay or should I go?

Well, hi there! I am debating whether to continue my blog. For many reasons, I am unable to post regularly. I don't have much to say, I'm busy, I am on facebook, I just don't feel inspired. Not sure what it is. I started out trying to do this as a record of my life and my kids. If I could keep doing that, or start doing that I should say, I'd love to keep it open. I want to write down the things I know I'll eventually forget. I love the "idea" of blogging. However, loving and doing are different right? So, for now I'm just keeping it open and trying to be more on top of writing. If I fail, I may have to stop. I am on facebook and keep up with that, but that isn't really a record of my life. It is just little snippits here and there. Anyway.... on to the big updates:

Jenna is 6 1/2 and full of energy. Jenna is an all or nothing kind of kid. She is very enthusiatic and knows what she wants. She started piano lessons and had her first recital last week. So cute! She had only had about 3 lessons so it was great she got up there by herself and played. She played a cute little song called "beep, beep". She wore a fancy dress and we got her a "good luck" balloon and some roses for luck. I played as a kid and it was so fun to see my daughter up there playing. I want to get Bret started in piano once wrestling slows down. Since we have a piano I want both kids to at least try it.
Jenna loves first grade. She is very social and has many best friends. She enjoys reading and attempts to read chapter books. She wants so much to do things that bigger kids do. I'm in no hurry for her to grow up!! She loves to sing and dance. She loves to draw and write. She likes to play restaurant and with her baby dolls. She has so many baby dolls, her favorites being her "Baby Alive" ones. She uses the money she saves up to buy dolls usually. She tries to keep her room clean, and to her, that means little piles of things all over. She has her own way of setting up her spaces and she loves her stuff. She says that her favorite place is her room.
Jenna loves her brother but they fight a lot lately. She wants to play with him but they tend to argue and both have strong personalities. I really want them to get along and we are working on it!!! When they do play nice, Jenna will come to me and say "Bret is playing with me nicely!" and she is overjoyed. She really does look up to him.

Bret turned 9 a few weeks ago. 9!! So old and I can't believe it!!! He had his party just how he planned it. Here at the house with his 5 close friends, playing laser tag in the basement and wii. He had it all planned in his head and stuck to what he wanted despite us trying to urge him to have it elsewhere (You know how parties at the house are such a mess!) They rotated playing laser tag and Wii and all the kids really seemed to love it. I find that 9 year old boys are really pretty well behaved. They listen (for the most part) and didn't destroy anything. We had Bret's favorite dessert, chocolate chip cookies with ice cream on top. I set up a sundae bar and had lots of fun toppings and they all made their own sundae. We also had cupcakes but the boys all wanted just ice cream. Bret admitted that when people sing to him "it is hard not to smile". So cute! He also brought donuts to school, this is kind of a tradition for him also. It is one of his favorite treats and he requests them each year for his b-day treat at snack time. He loves video games and we have had to really limit his time. Now, they are for weekends only. He seems to lose focus on school work if he gets to play during the week. He is doing well in school, but always was thinking of when he could play his games. So, this has worked better. He also likes to build and play bionicles and just spent his birthday money on amazon for some new ones. He asks me daily if they shippped and is patiently awaiting their arrival.
He is getting towards the end of wrestling season and we have the big state tournament March 13-15. We go to a hotel and have fun with the other families. The boys have such a good time hanging out. Bret loves to play with friends and hang out with other kids. He is my strong willed child and once he gets an idea in his head it sticks. He tends to try to boss the rest of us around, and will probably be a leader of something someday. He says he is going to develop video games as an adult. He also really enjoys working with special ed kids at school. A least 4 teachers have approached me about how good he is with these kids and how patient. It makes me so proud. I know some kids are scared or nervous around other kids that are "different" than them, but Bret helps them and loves to get to know them.

Working 3-4 days per week, it is going pretty well. Some days better than others. It is a long learning process. I'm grateful to have a job as nurses are not having an easy time lately. There have been layoffs around here and no jobs really out there. There are lots of hiring freezes. I never thought nursing would be like this!!! I am exercising 3-4 times per week at the YMCA. I joined a few weeks ago and love it. I have not changed my eating like I should so that is the next part!! I also spend time reading, cleaning/fixing up the house, volunteering at the kids school, and driving the kids around. I am going on a girls night tomorrow at the MOA. Can't wait. It's been quite the week with my husband out of town for work, big snowstorm yesterday, and just lots to do!!!!

That is life right now!!!!