Thursday, April 20, 2006

My Two Angels

We actually did this project a while back, last month I think. We found a fun library book on salt dough projects. We made up a big batch and got to work sculpting, baking, and painting our creations. It is always fun to do craft projects with the kids. They love to make things and love the outcome. We made animals and then I attempted a mini magic wand for J and a sword for B. The wand ended up breaking, but it was fun anyway. I love how intense the kids look in these pictures. They are so busy working away on their project. I love how I got pictures when they didn't know I was taking them, those are always my favorite. Here are the pictures of our crafty day!

Saturday, April 01, 2006

"Boxing it Out"

I'm reading a library book I picked up the other day "The Thin Commandments". I had not heard of it, I just kind of blindly grabbed it in the health section. But reading this book has kind of opened my eyes to a lot of my eating issues. I realize now that I have trigger foods that once I eat one I trigger cravings for more of the same type of food, and that the trigger can result in a day long or week long or month long binge of junk. The author recommends eating foods you like in moderation, IF you can control your cravings and have a small portion of it. If a certain food/s trigger binge eating, then you need to "box them out" of your life basically. Which, in theory may sound hard, but it really actually liberates you to not have the issue with that food any longer. He says to find replacements that give you satisfaction, that you can eat without binging. This theory works because you aren't trying to bargin with yourself (I'll only eat one chocolate, no maybe 2, or 3....) and in turn you don't even really have to think about it. Chocolate is a big trigger for me. I might have to totally eliminate it from my diet. Some other trigger foods for me are chips of any kind, finger foods like crackers (wheat thins, triscuits, etc), and sweets like bars and cookies. I sometimes end up eating so much I get sick. Therefore, I know I'd feel better if I didn't eat them at all. I still have to finish the book and figure out my replacements and how I will handle certain situations. But, a lot of it so far has really clicked with me and my problems.

Other things...
I'm slowly getting used to the idea of nursing school this fall. I am excited. I get to go to orientation early June to find out all the details. I will have class M,W nights and every other weekend. The weekends will be hard for all of us. Hard for me to get up and going early in the morning when I just want to sleep in and be with my family. Hard for my kids who are rarely away from me. Hard for my husband who will have a big life change! But it will go very fast I know it, and I know there are lots of people who have to be gone from their family to work or go to school. We can do this and I will do it! I can't wait to actually get in the hospital and learn my nursing skills. I am very excited!

We had B's wrestling banquet last night. I can't express enough how great wrestling has been for him. He has really flourished with the great coaches he has had. And it has bonded him and my husband in a special way. He has really grown a lot this year.

Well, off to mop the floors!