Sunday, July 30, 2006

Summer Fun and Pierced Ears

Gosh, it is the very end of July and I have not posted since a month ago. BAD Blogger!!! I guess that is why I have very few readers and my blog is pretty boring!!! I will try to change that someday... I guess we have been busy doing typical summer things. I can't believe it is already almost August. Soon I will be in school and the kids will be getting ready for school and everything will be all scheduled and busy again. We have had a few short trips and one long trip to the in laws camper at the lake. We had a blast swimming in the lake, mini golfing, fishing, and having campfires. The kids just love the camper life! Small spaces, living out of suitcases, sleeping on an air mattress, being dirty, eating when we are hungry, no chores or housework to worry about. It is nice, but it is still nice to come home to normal! I have to say the summer is going so fast it scares me. I had wanted a relaxing summer of playing and hanging out. Instead, we are pretty busy with sports, weekend plans and projects. The kids have vacation bible school this week. I am volunteering so instead of having 3 blissful hours of alone time every day this week, I chose to make crafts with 100 preschoolers a day. Hmmm, maybe I should have re-thought that! Last year I had a blast as a crew leader for B, so I really wanted to participate again this year. The record heat wave has made it hard to be outside much, but we hope to have a fun week and try to stay cool.

Another fun thing we did yesterday. J got her ears pierced! Nothing I had even planned on doing. She had been bugging me for about a year to get it done, but when we had gone into a jewelry store in the past she had said maybe when she was older. So, this time we went in just to look at the earrings you could pierce with and she saw another little girl getting hers done. The little girl was crying and not really a good example I didn't think. But J insisted on doing it. She was very brave. She wouldn't even sit on my lap, she wanted to be so big. She didn't cry after the first one, but did a little after the second one. But it was short lived and she now has little crystal flowers, very cute and makes her look so much older. I really had wanted her to wait until she was older to get them done but she was so excited about it, I gave in.

I will write again soon...........