Wednesday, November 17, 2010

The first snow

We have a layer of new snow on the ground, the first snowfall was this past Saturday. We all thought it would melt, but it has stuck around, the kids seem to be enjoying it. For me, it seems like I'm not quite ready for snow...for winter... for the holidays. November is suddenly here in full force. Frigid temperatures right around the corner. The basketball season is wrapping up, the football season long over. Wrestling will be here soon, taking up our every weekend and many weeknights. The kids have started to request hot chocolate with whipped cream. I believe winter may be here!

Monday, June 07, 2010

Summer Schedule

I am torn as to how I feel about summer quickly approaching. In some ways I love the sleeping in, knowing that we don't have to be anywhere (most days), and the fun in the sun. In other ways I dread the "togetherness", especially the kids. They tend to fight a lot as it is....I need a way to encourage them getting along, and being nice to each other. A reward system of some kind. I've tried them in the past, but none have lasted long. I am just hoping to keep my patience and make the best of our time together!!

3 more days of school!!!

Friday, June 04, 2010

June 5, 2010

Springtime, end of the school year is around the corner, time for summer, family, sun, water, sleeping in, grilling, music, fairs, rides, biking, walking, grass, popsicles, kickball, waterguns, sprinklers.



Tuesday, January 05, 2010

Picture post

My Waterfod ornaments. One of my best friends used to work there, and she gave me one every year for years. I LOVE them!!!

The tree this year. The kids wanted colored lights but I talked them into all white. We did colored lights on the basement tree.

Bret really wanted this Nerf gun, you can't tell but it is very long and huge. He loves it!

Kids playing outside the day after Christmas. It was actually warm enough then (it is not warm enough now to playoutside). I even went out and we built an igloo fort. We had snow for 3 days straight over Christmas. Bret has an icicle in his mouth. Cute huh?
All the kids together. An after the holiday dinner out. This is the first year all 4 kids have been with each other on the actual holiday. This was on Dec 26 at an Irish Pub.

Jenna and her big sister Brooke, who lives in Texas.

Jenna holding her most wanted gift, Lulu the cat. This cat actually moves and makes sounds like a real cat!

Brian, Bret, Blake and Kiah.

Bret at Grandma and Papa's house, waiting to open presents.

Grandma and the kids. She bought the girls matching Christmas dresses.

Bret decorating reindeer cookies. They were so cute!

Jenna and her cousin Kiah. Jenna is 6 weeks older than Kiah and they are both in 2nd grade. Grandma (my mom) got them matching Christmas dresses.