Tuesday, November 27, 2007

The christmas present dilema

I love to buy presents. Not just for my kids, but for my family and friends too. But especially the kids. I love finding that one (or 2 or 3) thing that really want and watching them open it and be so excited. I love going to the store and finding something for someone that I know they will love. However, I really never know when to stop. How many gifts should a 5 and 7 yr old receive? I don't think I typically go overboard. My parents buy them one nice gift (or 2). Their other grandma buys them a couple nice gifts. Then I get them a couple from us and a couple from santa and some small games/stocking stuffers/DVD's. Every year I tend to think I'm getting them too much. That is isn't needed. How do you know??? I remember running into a mom I know from B's school last year at the store, she was alone doing her christmas shopping. Granted, she has 3 kids but her cart was FULL to the brim. Loaded with toys, games, DVD's, books. She had so much stuff in there I was a little shocked. But maybe that is typical. Then I have a good friend who buys her boys one big thing from her and her husband, and one big thing from Santa. That's it. This year they will get a WII from them, and a WII game and controllers from Santa. Typically it is something big like a video game system or big toy they have been eyeing all year. However, I know she buys the kids things year round and I tend not to do that unless my kids have money they have earned or received from someone. I do not give them money just to buy toys. Yes, I buy them a small thing here and there (jewerly, lip gloss, trading cards, $1 items) but I would never buy them a new doll or a lego set for no reason. So, how much do you buy your kids for the holidays and how much is too much? We do many other activities related to christmas that are not gift related. We donate to families in need, do a shoebox for a child in need, make lots of christmas crafts and treats, buy special gifts for other family members, decorate, advent calendar, church activities etc etc. So, I'm not really worried about the presents being the main focus but I do sometimes worry about how much is too much. Maybe I shouldn't worry so much but I do. I don't want my kids to be spoiled, even though it seems inevitable.

Monday, November 26, 2007

HAPPY THANKSGIVING! Drove 10 hours, slept poorly, ate too much (gained only 1 lb) and went shopping

We made our yearly treck to the in laws for thanksgiving. A grand time was had by all. I hardly talked to the kids they were so busy playing with their cousins. I didn't enjoy the drive or the sleeping, but I had a good time. My mother in law makes so much food. I had turkey, potatoes, stuffing, gravy, cheesy potatoes (my fave), and of course lots of sweets. I was happy to find out I only gained 1 lb over the weekend. I am back home exercising and eating well again. Did you know the average American gains 7 lb over the holidays??? Wow.

Anyway, I ended up going shopping on Friday. I got up at 6:30 and was out the door by 7am. The stores opened up anywhere from 4am - 6am so I wasn't there for the doors opening. I went to Target first and found some scooters I wanted for the kids. My mother in law is going to give them for Xmas gifts. I also found a bunch of DVD's to give as gifts. Then I was off to a few other stores. I ended up finding the boy Baby Alive doll that J wants to badly. I guess in IA they have them and up here in MN we don't. They are still going for really high prices on Amazon and Ebay so I got a good deal and was so happy to find this darn doll. She better love it. I think I am done shopping for J. She will get the doll from my parents. I got her some doll outfits, a CD player, 3 CD's, a Leapster with 2 games, and 2 DVD's. I may buy a couple books to add in there and she will be done. However, I am not sure what to get B. My parents got him a DS which he desperately wants. I got him a game to go with it and a board game called Heroscape. It is a new version of one he already has, and he loves it. It has all these tiny battle figures. It is a complicated game but we play our own version. I also got him 2 DVD's. I will also get him books and I really should get him one more present. I am not sure what though. He does not ask for much. I also am done for DH, and still have to get something for most of the grandparents. It never seems to be quite done. I enjoy finding the perfect gift, and love to shop (much to my husband's dismay). I also love a good deal.

I am invited to yet another party this Fri, a purse party. Maybe I'll buy the grandma's a new purse, depending on prices and how cute they are. I always love a new purse but I really don't want to spend the money on myself.

I am home today with J and B went back to school. I have class tonight and wed. I have a big assignment/presentation to do wed then a test in a couple weeks. Then I'm done with semester 3 of 4. YAY!

Wednesday, November 21, 2007

Black Friday

I'm debating going shopping on Black Fri this year. I usually don't. I don't like getting up early, and I don't like crowds. Plus, we are always out of town for Thanksgiving. I am thinking of getting up and going while at the in laws this week. There are a few things that are good deals that I want to buy. But is it worth the hassle to get a good deal?? On my list so far are DVD's for everyone in the family, razor scooters for the kids (I think my kids are the only ones that don't have one of these and they are going to be $18 at Target), board games, new PJ's for the kids, and clothes for some family gifts. I also was looking at some other things for myself of course! I can't decide the best places to go, and what time I should get up. I am NOT getting up at 3am to be at the stores that open by 4am. I would be willing to get up at 6am. Should I go?

Other than that, I have a test tonight, and plan to study a lot today. I really have to do well to keep my possibility of an A alive. I also have not packed at all for leaving early tomorrow. I am hoping my husband will do some of that today (he has the day off work). I hate the packing part of traveling. I do like that the kids are getting old enough to travel well in the car for 5 hr.

Have a great thanksgiving!

Sunday, November 18, 2007

Lucky jeans?

OK, I know the younger crowd likes Lucky brand jeans. We got a new Lucky outlet store at the huge outlet mall 10 min away so I decided to try it out. Still searching, you know, for those great jeans. Anyway, I had heard you could get a $100 pair for $30. Sounded great to me. I first found out that they are by waist size but also have a regular size inside. I started trying some on and found that depending on the type, wore anything from a 4/27 to an 8/29. Why would the same brand have such a big difference??? Maybe that is why these were at the outlet store, but I didn't find anything I was overly impressed with. I then saw some colored jean type pants for $19 and ended up getting a pair of those. Again, they are low cut. Probably lower than I like. I like the look of low cut jeans, don't get me wrong, but some are just TOO low. But I had to get the 8's in those. I know it is just a number, but still. They are an army green color. I will try to take a picture soon. They are pretty cute I think. But not the perfect pair. They are something different than the usual blue jeans I buy so I feel good about that. Now if they just stay up when I sit down or bend over. I will have to wear a long shirt with them.

Other news, I am done with clinical this semester!!! I had my last one yesterday. I feel stressed an tired out. I have a BIG test Wed, really great since the kids are off all week and I want to plan for thanksgiving. We are traveling out of town Thur. I want to enjoy the week and relax but that won't happen until after my test. I really want to do well. My clinical rotation went great. I was on a cardiac floor. I now do so many things that used to totally freak me out. I give injections all the time. I give insulin all the time. I hang IV meds, and I give IV push meds (this used to really scare me, some of the meds are pretty strong/scary). I juggle 2-3 patients at a time. I did an admission all alone yesterday. I really am starting to feel like a real RN, like I can really do this.

I am going to bed, I am exhausted. Good night!

Saturday, November 17, 2007

Last day

Today is my last clinical of fall semester. We still have a few weeks left of regular class but no more weekends. YAY! I am excited. The weekend is ending on a good note I hope, as I am leader and will get to oversee everyone else. Yesterday I had a crazy shift, my patient was in really critical condition and eventually got transferred to the ICU. I had another patient who, thank goodness, didn't need much. I spent most of the shift in one room draining and attempting to stop bleeding that wouldn't stop. I hope he is doing ok. He was only 54 and didn't speak English. Really tough.

We are having a potluck for the nurses, I have my meatballs in the crockpot. We gave our instructor a nice card and small gift last night. We have our last care plans of the semester to write by Wed, and a test Wed night. I am really nervous about the test. Plus, the kids are home all week so I have to try to get lots of studying in while also keeping them busy and happy. Then we are off to the in-laws for Thanksgiving on Thur-Sat.

Can't believe it is already the holidays!

DH went to J's conferences yesterday and she is doing GREAT. She is above average in everything she needs to know. I was a little worried as she is so young but so far she is doing wonderful. I am so proud of her. I have B's conferences on Tuesday.

I am off to spend a few min with the family before my shift.

Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Mineral Foundations?

Does anyone know anything about mineral foundation/makeup? I have been thinking about this since I saw a Bare Essentials starter kit at Cost*co the other day. I am thinking about having my mom buy it for me (she has a membership). I have been reading up on the different brands and some people love it, some don't. I tend to break out and have oily/normal skin. I would love something that would cover my skin flaws and not be greasy/shiny looking. I found a website
that gets good reveiws also. I ordered the free sample kit (you have to pay shipping of $3.75). So, does anyone out there use these?? Let me know what you think??

Wednesday, November 07, 2007

Is there such thing as the perfect pair of jeans?

Now that the cold weather is here to stay, I am back wearing jeans every day (well sometimes sweats if I am feeling unmotivated). I have been searching my whole life for a perfect pair of jeans. Ones that are comfortable #1, but also look great. It may help if I had even paid more than $20 on a pair. But I am willing to go above that limit a little bit if I could get a great pair that I love. Currently I do not have a lot of jeans that fit me. Current weight loss has made most of my jeans too loose. I am not ready to get rid of them, as they still kind of fit they are just a little baggy. I have 2 pairs that I got at G*A*P outlet for $14.99 each a couple months back. For one, what is the thing with stores putting smaller sizes on jeans. Does it really make people feel skinnier? I know that the size I bought are not the size they say. It is like they are moving the sizes up (what once was a 9 is now labled a 7). Anyway, that is besides the point I guess. I rarely go to malls, but I am willing to try. I mainly shop at the outlet mall or K*ohls. I am not big on Tar*get clothes. Many times I buy a pair of jeans and after wearing them I realized they are too low cut and I am hiking them up all day. I also tend to buy really boring jeans. I mean plain pockets and nothing interesting about them. I am totally not into jewels or anything on them, but maybe a little something on the pocket or just something with a little more sex appeal?? I am bored of my boring wardrobe and want to spice things up without breaking the bank. Any suggestions?