Tuesday, November 04, 2008

America has spoken

I am beyond happy with the election results. I waited anxiously for months for this day. Never have I been so excited about a presidential candidate. I have always voted. I have always tried to be informed about politics. However, I have never CARED as much as I do today. I have never been so nervous and excited about an election. I have been an Obama supporter from the very earliest days of his campaign. I never considered the alternative. Maybe I'm stuck in my ways, but I'm a true democrat at heart and always will be. Yes, I voted for Gore and Kerry but I never felt as much hope as I do now for Barack Obama. I finally feel like we have a truly good person in the white house. A good man, a good leader. I have nothing against John McCain. I think he is a good man also. I think he has worked hard, and served his country. I would only want the best for either candidate if they won. I would never have voted for him, but I don't have anything against him (well maybe the Palin selection but that is another post!) Anyway, the night is over and I'm looking forward to a new tomorrow. Obama has brought hope to so many and we may be on our way to a brighter future. God Bless America!!!