Saturday, April 28, 2007

The end is in sight

I have one more presentation and 2 finals and then I will no longer be a first year nursing student. I had my case study presentation today. A 25 min solo presentation on a client we had over clinicals. It was probably the longest presentation I have ever given by myself. It went fine. We also took the HESI test, which tests your nursing knowledge to this point. It is supposed to be an indicator of how you will do on the NCLEX next year. I did well, so I was happy to know I learned something this year. I was in school from 8am - 4:30pm and the weather was beautiful so it wasn't a good day to have school. I also had my instructor evaluation, in which she said I am doing well and that I will be in good shape going into 2nd/final year. Tomorrow we have a group presentation on complementary therapy. Our group is doing aromatherapy. Kinda boring but it will be over soon. We have to sit through 10 groups doing presentations so it will be a long, boring day. Then class is over except the 2 finals. I am excited and amazed it went so fast. Next year sounds like it will be fun. We get to do a lot more nursing and take on many more patients. There is also an opportunity to do a preceptorship so I am hoping to get one of those. Anything to get experience and help me get a job later. This time next year I will be looking for a job. Can't believe it.

B is a little under the weather today. He was up with a fever last night, but can't tell me what hurts. Just that he is tired and weak. Guess it isn't too serious as he is eating ice cream. He just seems tired and out of it.

The plan for the week isn't too exciting. I am hoping to work around the house, get garage sale stuff marked and packed up, study, and spend time with my family who I have been neglecting lately. I make time every day to spend time with the kids but it never seems to be enough. The days go by so fast and bedtime comes so quickly. With wrestling practice, baseball, soccer, preschool, 1st grade, my school, there just is never enough time. I know they know they are loved and that is the most important thing. I do little things like surprise B at lunchtime by showing up, taking J to the park while B is in school, and play games with them. I hope they always remember the little things.

I'm off to bathe kids and have a nice mixed drink to relax :)

Thursday, April 12, 2007

Older and Wiser?

I am officially 33. My birthday happened to fall on Easter this year. I can remember a few years in the past in which my birthday has been on Easter. Not that it really changes much! I had a nice day. We went out the night before to a local family pizza place. Nothing fancy but I wanted to go out with the kids and it is a good place that everyone likes. Sunday we went and picked up my grandma and drove to my parents house and had a nice late lunch and cake. It was pretty laid back. I then dropped DH and B back at the house and J (who was sleeping) and I drove grandma home. It is nice to visit with her. She is losing her memory and repeats things a lot but she is doing well physically and seems to be happy. I worry about her, but she always claims to be fine. She has a man "friend" who she seems to see daily for dinner, but I don't think she does much as far as keeping busy with anything else.

I got a great gift, a camcorder that records directly onto DVD's, which I've wanted for so long. It also takes still pictures. I am so excited about this. I rarely ask or let DH buy me anything but this year we got a good tax return and bonus so I did hint around about it. I also got money from the in laws and my parents which will go towards my gift. I know I will use it a lot. I haven't been taping the kids much on our old recorder because it really was junk. It would eat the tapes and I didn't want to chance trying to record something then lose it. I was just taking still pictures. Now I will be able to record so much more and I will use it all the time. And the memories will be SO worth the money.

Easter itself was good. We went to good friday service and Easter morning service. The kids got to search the house for eggs in the morning. Unfortunately the weather was too cold to hide them outside. I don't recall ever hiding the eggs outside, which is too bad. April is really not a good month here. We usually get a really nice warm day and everyone thinks spring is here, and then we get snow (we have snow on the ground right now). And sometimes we get a lot of snow in April. Really, spring doesn't happen in MN. We go right from winter to mild winter to milder winter to summer. At least we get 2-3 months of sun/warm in summer. But other than that we get cold and snow!

I have my last clinical this weekend. Again I am dreading tomorrow night. But I can do it, one more for the year. I can do it. I will be exhausted come monday but the end of my first year is in sight. I have about 2 more weeks of actual class and then 2 finals in May. Then I am half way done with nursing school. I have been putting a lot of thought into future educational plans. I went into nursing school with thoughts of eventually getting a masters in midwifery. After this year, I have to say that maybe I don't want to put all my focus into OB/birth. I am now leaning more towards Nurse Practitioner. I would start working part time after graduating next year and then I would go to school and get my bachelors, and then on to masters as a NP. That way I can work with a broader range of patients. Not actually delivering babies (which I may change my mind on this later as it is still a passion of mine) but working with pregnant moms, children, babies, elderly, young adult. I do think I will eventually get a masters in something I just have to figure it out and find a job that will help pay for it. I know my career will be in this field. I have a love for it like I never thought I could for a career. I may even go into teaching someday.

Tonight I want to watch Survivor and get lots of sleep to be ready for the weekend. I want to play with the kids since I won't see them much Fri-Sun. I will post again early next week!

Wednesday, April 04, 2007


It snowed last night, and sad thing is that it is still sticking to the ground, meaning it is around freezing temps. Sad for April huh?? My wish is sun and above 50 degrees for Easter/birthday.

I have class tonight and then studying the rest of the week. I may take the kiddos swimming tomorrow morning.

Anyone have any good motivational books they recommend??? I want to read a few books in my 3 week break between school and work. I would love to find a great women's motivational book that helps someone find inner strength and the ability to be one's best. Any recommendations would be great. I am an avid fiction reader but can't seem to get into non-fiction books as much. I'd like to try.

Tuesday, April 03, 2007

Blog Roll

So, I FINALLY updated my blog roll (instead of studying like I should be tonight!)

Check it out and if you happen to read my blog and you have a blog yourself, PLEASE email me or leave me a comment so I can add you to my blog list and start reading your blog. I would love to add more blogs, and if you have any interesting ones I might like drop me a line. God knows I need to spend more time reading blogs right!? It is a good stress reliever and fun to read about others lives!

Thanks! I'm off to study, really!

another clinical weekend done

I had my 2nd to last clinical this past weekend! one left, then one more weekend doing presentations at school and then no more weekend classes. We are done with finals early May so it is coming up quickly. I can't believe I am almost done with my first year of nursing school. Only one year to go and I'll be an RN. Wow.

Clinicals went great. Like I've said, I have the hardest/most challenging instructor. She really makes you be on top of things. She checks what you are doing, checks your documentation, talks to the RN you are working with, probably talks with the patients. She asks questions and if you ask her a question she comes back to you with a question and never answers your questions. I have heard her really crack down on some people. She has almost made some people cry. For some reason she doesn't seem to do that to me, yet... I know it may be coming. She seems to be ok with me so far. Anyway, had a great patient, my first younger male. He was a little younger than my husband so it was a different dynamic. It was really interesting because he has a history similar to one of my brothers who has had past medical issues so I felt I really had something to offer him and it really was a good experience. As far as nursing stuff, I got to do another subQ injection in the abdomen. Those really aren't scary for me anymore because the needle is very short/thin and patients never seem to be hurt when I give them. I have yet to do a long/big IM injection though. I also got to pull out a NG tube (nasogastric - from nose to stomach) which can be really uncomfortable for the patient. You have to pull really fast and I think I did ok. It still was kind of traumatic for the patient. But it was good I got to do that.

The rest of the weekend I was either sleeping or up late working on paperwork. I have one weekend of hellish sleeping left. I always stay up late Fri night doing my paperwork and then I can't sleep because I am too nervous or excited or scared my alarm won't go off. For some reason I'm able to sleep much better Sat night. I am still making up for lost sleep. I have a test next monday so I will be busy studying for that. I also have 2 presentations to start and finish up in the next couple weeks.

My husband is out of town again Mon-Thur. The kids and I went to a big play area/indoor playground yesterday with a couple of my childhood friends and their kids. The loved it. I had a babysitter come last night since I had school. My parents will take the kids tomorrow while I have class. Both kids are on spring break and of course it is rainy and cold. I haven't seen the sun for about a week. How depressing. Today we are making some easter eggs and I have been hiding things around the house and they have been secret agents trying to find stuff. Simple but they love it. I also organized all of J's hair-do stuff, it was in about 3 different drawers and all mixed up. I have also been slowly going thru stuff for the garage sale I'm going to have with some neighbors in May. I come up with about 1-2 bags a week. I want to get the house cleaned out by summer. I will donate some to the preschool garage sale and church garages sales as well.

Other plans this week are wrestling practice tonight and Thurday, various church services (I think we'll try to go Thur night and Fri afternoon for good friday and of course Easter Sun). This year the kids have really been interested in the holy week. They learn about it at church school, and J's preschool is a christian preschool so they did a really fun storytelling of the week using plastic eggs with symbols inside of them. I think they are starting to understand what easter is really about. Of course, they still love the eggs and candy and the bunny and all that but they know about palm sunday, the last supper, and how Jesus rose again. It is interesting for me to see them learn this, I never was brought up with religion so this is all new for me. My parents never went to church or took us to church or even talked about religion with us. I really have never asked them why. I don't really bring it up, they have never been church going people or been interested in why we go so for some reason it is kind of a topic not talked about. One reason I bring my kids is not only for the religion aspect but for the social part of it. I see the older kids/teens and they seem to have a group of people and activities to do all the time. They go on trips, have bonfires, meet once a week, etc. When I was in junior and senior high I always kind of wished I had that church family some of my friends seemed to have. I think it is a safe place for them to hang out and find friends there. Not that all kids that go to church are good kids but at least most of the activites are supervised and safe. I want my kids to have that place where they belong. Maybe that is the wrong reason so be involved in church but that is one of mine.

My birthday is also on Easter so it will be nice to spend it with my family and have the day off from school and everything else. I will be 33 years old.

I better go get our eggs off the stove and start the coloring process!!! Have a great holiday !