Wednesday, November 23, 2005

Happy Thanksgiving

It is the eve before thanksgiving, and I am feeling in a funk. I had a flu shot yesterday and I feel like I'm having some mild symptoms. I feel a little achey and just not right. I hope it isn't going to turn into anything worse but I'm thinking it is the shot. We all got one, and the kids were a little mad at me, but I wanted us to get it. If it can help us stay healthier this winter, I'm all for it. We have already had a cold for weeks, I've had a cough I can't shake, and a sore throat also. The kids had a cough and cold too, and J had an ear infection. And it's only November. Nonetheless, I am very thankful this year for all that I have in my life. I am thankful for my beautiful children and my husband and my family and friends. I am thankful for my health and my home. For having a warm bed to sleep in, and good food to eat. I am lucky in so many ways.

We are trying to tone down Christmas this year at our house. First, we are low on money. We had to replace the roof after the bad storms and we also just do not have a lot of extra money to spend for the holiday. So, I am trying to tell as many people to NOT get us or the kids gifts. We all have so much and the kids have so many toys that I truly do not want to bring more into the house. We agreed that the kids will get 1 gift each from Santa, 1 gift each from us, and stocking gifts. They will still get their gifts from the grandparents also. This is hard for me, because I enjoy buying the kids toys and love to shop. However, the kids seemed fine with it. We want them to appreciate what they get, and they really just want simple things. They just enjoy the holiday lights, setting up the tree, baking cookies, and making gifts for people. B told me all he wants is T-Rex mountain, which my parents bought him, and the game Herscape, which I got for a great deal last month. So, from me he will get the game and from Santa probably a dinosaur puzzle I've had in the closet for over a year. He will be beyond happy with just those few things. And J keeps changing what she wants. I think Santa will bring her this baby panda she wants that comes with a bottle and I think makes noises. It is just a little thing but she loves pandas. From me, I am trying to find this baby carebear she wants. I saw it once with her at Target but now everywhere I go they do not have the blue one (she HAS to have blue). So, if i can't find that I will give her the cabbage patch doll I bought her last summer that I have been saving in the closet. For the stockings I will get a couple small toys each. I also may take them to each pick out an ornament for the tree. We also like to make a lot of Xmas crafts. I got a bunch of unfinished wood ornaments really cheap last year at the craft store and the kids will paint those for our tree, for their teachers, and for the grandparents. They always love anything to do with paint!!

I plan to bake some treats for the neighbors and get cheap plates to put them on. I also got some cheap containers and mugs to put candy in for miscellaneous gifts. We just have to figure out our parents, who have everything!!

I am off to bed, hopefully tomorrow will bring fun and family time!!

Monday, November 07, 2005

Have to record this night

I just had a moment with my kids I wish I could have recorded to listen to again. It was seriously one of the sweetest conversations I have had with both of them at the same time. It wasn't just a quick moment, but a whole conversation. Writing a blog entry about it won't do it justice but I have to try to record what I remember.

It starts with these prayer beads that J made in Sunday school. I teach her class every other week and it was my week. Anyway, B missed since he said his stomach hurt (turned out to be nothing this time, but after the puking at school incident he has me paranoid). We made these little prayer beads with different colors for each thing to pray for. I brought an extra set home for B to make, as I knew he would want some too.

Tonight we took them out and took turns saying our prayers for each color. They kids were so cute and totally went along with this, saying these elaborate prayers each time. I would do my turn, then J, then B. We did this for all 7 of the beads. I would give anything to have a record of their prayers. I know J continued to say "thank you for my mommy and daddy, I love them very much and I want them to go to school with me, and go on rides with me" and B would go into great detail about how he loves his family and "please God, can you bring the kids with no homes toys as fast as you can" and "I am sorry I spit on the mirror, but I cleaned it up, please forgive me and I'm sorry about getting popcorn all over the floor but I cleaned it up" It was so adorable, I wish I could bottle it up. My kids are the biggest miracle in my life.

What would I do without them??? I am so thankful...

Thursday, November 03, 2005

Halloween is over and now on to the holidays!

Well, our halloween festivities are over. We had a busy weekend leading up to halloween. We had to travel 4 hrs for a retirement party Sat night. The kids had a babysitter and her friend watch them in our hotel room. They were very excited, and still up when we got back at 11pm! We travelled home on Sunday, unpacked, then got the kids into their costumes for a halloween party at a friends house. We spent a few hours there then got home where everyone slept great in their own beds (me included). B had school Monday but no party at school that day (it was the Thurs before). They got ready about 6pm for trick or treating. J decided on the dinosaur costume, and B was a ninja. J was bob the builder for the party on Sunday. I even dressed up like a witch for the kids, B really wanted me to dress up this year and I didn't want to disappoint him! DH brought the kids around the block and they made it all the way, with J being carried a little bit towards the end. It was a bit chilly but could have been a lot worse. They both got plenty of good candy and both wanted a piece of gum when they got home! They aren't big into chocolate, they prefer gum or sugary candy like sweet tarts, skittles, or taffy. Dh and I prefer the chocolate, his favorite being Kit Kat and I like butterfingers and Reeses. I think we are all sick of candy right now!

So, now we are on to planning Thanksgiving and Christmas. I may offer to do Thanksgiving here this year. I also plan to try to have Christmas morning here serving brunch or lunch. I like to have my kids at home for Christmas so we can make our memories here and wake up in our own beds. I love the excitement of waking up to see what Santa brings them. They just love it!

I have class tonight. I think I have 5- 6 weeks left. Over half done. I got an A on my speech and on my test the other week. I am getting an A in both classes. I stil have a lot of tests and work to be done but it is going well so far. I will apply to nursing school in January and find out in May if I get in. If I don't, then I'll have a year off since I'll be done with all my classes except Psychology, which I'll take in the summer.