Monday, March 31, 2008

Back to school - good bye spring (snow) break

It is April tomorrow and we are getting a snow storm. Nice. The roads are slushy and slippery. The snow fell ALL day, it was that wet heavy snow. I am so sick of winter.

I am off to bed but wanted to share something:

I was dropping B off this morning at school. He woke up unhappy about his return to the classroom and all that "work" he has to do all day. I got out to let him out, and give him a quick hug (he still lets me hug him, at age 8, so I'm taking advantage).

Me: have a great day, see you later!
B: giving me a weird look and smile, being kind of bashful
Me: what??? What's wrong?
B: I am just going to miss you (quietly)
Me: I'm going to miss you to, but I'll see you later. Have a good day and I love you!
He then walked up to school, waving at me the entire walk up the sidewalk. So cute, he actually does miss me sometimes!!!

Sunday, March 30, 2008

spring break come and gone

The kids head back to school this week. They are ready! J does not have school until Tuesday (every other day) but they are getting kind of bored around here. The weather warmed up just slightly today so they were outside although it is muddy and still snow/ice on the ground. J attempted the 2 wheeler and can go quite a few feet before tipping over. She will get it soon though. B played with some friends in the neighborhood and we all worked on cleaning sticks and leaves from the grass that was actually showing. I vacuumed out the car and truck and washed both car seats. I even took off the fabric covers and machine washed them. They are air drying now. Spring cleaning I guess! I also ordered new blinds today for the whole first floor and basement. So excited for those to come. They are faux wood, but will look so much better than the cheapo ones I have now (that came with the house that is almost 10 yr old!). I checked and re-checked my measurements pray they will fit just right. Should be here in a week or 2. I have been cleaning out all the rooms, and our closet is back in order. I have been bagging up stuff for a garage sale and it is so nice to get rid of stuff we don't use. I bagged up a ton of kids books after hanging onto them too long. The baby books and board books. My kids are not into those and I was holding onto them more for the memories than for them to actually use. I did, of course, keep the ones I truly love. And we will have quite a collection of books to use for the future grandchildren!

I have an exciting event tomorrow that I am not going to talk about just yet, but it could be a big thing for me and our family. I am so hoping it all goes well. I will write more about it when I know more. It isn't a pregnancy or anything, but something that affects our future.

Not much else is too exciting. I have school 2 nights this week as well as Saturday. Then I am getting so close to being done. I have a big test coming up and another big teaching project. I also have the HESI exit exam to see if I'm ready for the NCLEX. We are planning our pinning ceremony and I ordered my nursing pin. It is all so real, I will actually finish this program!

Kid are doing well, I will write a post about them later this week!

Friday, March 14, 2008

bad mommy morning

I just had one of those mornings when I was just feeling crabby and could not get everything ready, we were running late, it is picture day so I had to bathe them before school, forgot to pack snacks and had to go back in, just everything was going wrong. And then I get crabby with the kids and now I feel guilty. Oh well, I am human right? I still feel bad. I want them to have a cheerful and happy mom but I just can't do that 24/7. J woke up at 4am with a bad dream and came into our bed. I was kicked all night and slept terrible from that point on. She has been having bad dreams which is new to me as B never does (or doesn't wake up from them). She gets to sad that it is hard to tell her to go back to bed.

I am on spring break for a week. I have lots to do but no class. I have less than 2 months left. This weekend we are getting a sitter and going out with friends, adults only!! And Sun is my purse party open house. Hopefully I'll get lots of people over so it is worth the work for me and the person selling the purses (my friend's mother in law). I have to serve snacks and drinks and clean up the first floor at least. I am not too worried.

I am off to exercise, shower, and maybe use a gift card and go shopping. Try to have a fun day despite the bad start!

Monday, March 10, 2008

For Tricia
I've been following the above blog for a month or 2 now. What an amazing story, amazing family, it just humbles me. Take a look if you have the time, or even if you don't.

This is a list "for Tricia" - all the things she will one day experience with her baby girl born at 24 weeks. As a mom of 2, I have lots to add! :)

  • Watching as your baby girl begins to crawl, then walk, to explore the world
  • Teething, lots of drool, crabby baby, sleepless nights, Tylenol
  • Ear infections, when she wakes up screaming at night and won't stop
  • First foods, huge messes on the high chair. I can especially remember pink yogurt and chocolate pudding being particularly messy.
  • Naked baby running through the sprinkler
  • First time with a babysitter, being so nervous and finding out she didn't even miss you very much
  • First words, learning to count, the first "I love you"
  • Arms up high wanting only momma to pick her up
  • Rocking a sick baby to sleep and not wanting to put her down
  • First day of school, heart aching but smiling at the same time
  • When she only wants to wear the same shirt, day after day, it is her favorite after all
  • Toddler independence, only wanting to do things "by herself" no matter how difficult
  • Pierced ears, nail polish, glitter, stickers, bows, make up, lip gloss, all things girl
  • And many, many, many other amazing things to look forward to.

Sunday, March 09, 2008

Why did I have to open my big mouth?

If you look at my last post you will know what I am talking about. I had to just go on about the 4 lb right?? Well, after that the stomach virus went through our house and I got hit. I ended up losing those 4 lb, and not in a way that I wish to re-live! I would rather have the 4 lb than to be sick any day. Oh well, I am recovered and lived to tell about it. I am so extremely tired right now but wanted to quick post. We spent the weekend at the state wrestling tournament, and B took 7th (out of 40 in his weight class) so I think he did great, he is upset that he did not get a medal (only 1st - 6th get medals) and my husband is sad also because B has had a great year and did so much better than last year and we both were hoping so much for him that he could place and get on the podium and get a medal. We know how disappointed he is. As much as I know that he did great, that he is so improved and works so hard, he just doesn't correlate that to anything. He only sees the black and white. But life is full of disappointments and he is a kid and will get over it as soon as he starts thinking of something else. We stayed in a hotel and the kids had a blast with their friends. I did not sleep at all. The night before we left DH had the sickness and was up all night so I went to sleep on the couch thinking I'd sleep better but I still heard him every time and was up pretty much all night. The couch is NOT comfortable I have to say. So, I then did not sleep well either night in the hotel. I was afraid the kids would fall off the bed or wake up sick or ???? I just was too anxious also about the tournament. I never sleep well in hotels. So, we just returned tonight and instead of going to bed nice and early with everyone else I had to finish up a group presentation that I agreed to do this weekend (my part of it was to put it all together in a powerpoint). So, I just got that done and have to get to sleep before I fall over. The kids both have school and I am not going to be a happy camper come tomorrow morning. We also had the time change so that messes me up also. I sound like a big complainer, guess I'm just tired. I did have a fun weekend and things are really going fine. I have my big presentation Wed then we have spring break next week. I am half way done with my FINAL semester. I don't know what I will do when I'm done with this!!! It will be so weird to not have the work to do all the time. I'll have regular work but not school work.

Not much else to write about. I'm off to bed!