Saturday, January 15, 2011

Winter Blues

This has been the winter of snow, snow, and more snow. I can't believe it. It was nice and pretty in December but now it is January, and not so nice anymore. I sometimes questions why anyone lives in MN!!! I guess we must be a little crazy!!!

We are busy with wrestling, gymnastics, piano, church school, work, and trying to fit in a little relaxation in there somewhere. This is our weekly schedule:

Mondays - both kids church school, Bret wrestling practice (Mat Mondays)
Tuesdays - Bret wrestling (Rogers Area), Jenna gymnastics
Wednesdays - Jenna piano lessons, Bret wrestling on some wednesdays (Pinnacle)
Thursdays - Bret wrestling (Rogers), and Jenna will be starting Hip Hop dancing next week
* thursdays are hard because I work almost every thursday, plus Brian is starting a basketball league thursday nights!!!
Fridays - FREE (except I work every other :( )
Saturdays - Wrestling tournaments
Sundays - Wrestling tournaments, and practice Sunday nights (Pinnacle)

As you can see, we are a total wrestling family. I worry he will burn out, but he is such a hard worker and always wants more, more, more!

I am trying my hardest to let Jenna participate in what she wants as well. She did great in basketball this year (ended in Nov), and I am trying to talk her into soccer this spring (the only sport I really understand!) but she isn't too thrilled. She loves dance and gymnastics, so I might sign her up for dance this summer. I am not a big dance mom type, but I know she would enjoy it. I don't know if our wallets will like it, from what I've heard of dance it is pretty spendy!!

I am still working every other weekend, and I am hoping I can get to every 3rd weekend someday. I really miss spending time with the family on weekends. I do enjoy having time off during the week to volunteer at school, do things around the house, and get the kids off to school each morning. I know I would have a hard time going back to Mon-Fri days.

The kids are just growing and changing so fast. I will post some pictures soon. I have to work today so I'm just doing a quick post. I hope to get this site updated more often. I say that a lot, but let's see if I can stick to it!!!

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