Saturday, January 22, 2011


Our little Pomeranian Roxy is 12 years old. Lately, she is really showing her age more. She still has bright eyes and a wagging tail, but she can hardly hear and she coughs a lot, and she has these "episodes" that have to do with her heart (the vet thinks). She is on 2 heart meds. She sleeps a lot (although that isn't really very new). I realize that she might not wake up some morning. The hardest issue right now is that we really can't leave her for long periods, like over night. We have a couple of weekend trips in March and I'm stressed about what we are going to do with her. We used to bring her to the kennel, but I know that would put too much stress on her. She used to go there, and when she would come home, she would cry and breathe funny for hours, then sleep for 2 days straight. I think bringing her to my parents would stress her out also. I don't know what to do. She is such a good dog, and I just want her to be comfortable and happy. I have been making her extra people food - eggs, meat, cheese... all her favorites. She gets lots of dog treats. I am glad she is still eating well, if she weren't I would have a hard time keeping her with us. I feel like she has a decent quality of life right now. I'm not ready to let her go. I don't feel the time is right. I know she got the back seat once the kids arrived, but she was my first baby, the first time I had to care for something other than myself! She is my little puffball. Foxy Roxy (she was named Roxy because she looks like a little fox!). She still runs in circles when she has to go outside. She still runs around the yard, even when it is -15 outside. She loves walks, and I hate that she can't go on them anymore (the vet thinks it is too hard on her heart). If I say the word walk, she starts running in circles. She runs up the stairs every night to sleep on her bed in our bedroom. She has been the best little pet you can imagine!!

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