Saturday, January 19, 2008

still here

wow, I sure have not written much lately. I am back at school, busy as ever. I am doing my preceptorship in the ER, and LOVE it. So much that I hope to get a job at this hospital. It is about 20-25 min away and is actually the hospital I was born in. I love the staff and love the job. We'll see. I am open to any opportunity that comes my way. I am working on my resume and applications. Hope to get them sent out really soon. School has not been too awful yet. We have a lot to do coming up but it is not terrible. Every weekend we are at wrestling. I'm going to be a little relieved when it is over. It is fun, and we all love it, but it is draining at times. B has had strep and a stomach thing in the past couple weeks so we had to miss some. J finished up her antibiotics for her ear infection, and I'm thinking that may have helped her miss the strep her brother had. The kids' Webkinz are finally working and they love them. They love the computer part of it as well as the actual animals. I think the computer graphics of their animals make them seem more "real" to them. Whoever thought up these things is probably making the big bucks. They cost enough that is for sure. B will probably get one for his birthday next month, but I am not going to be buying them on a regular basis. Both kids used some Xmas money to buy one more so J has a pug dog (Tommy) and a white seal (Snowball). B has a tree frog (goldy) and bull frog (leaper). The kids were looking at a picture of DH and I back in 1998 in Las Vegas and laughing at how dorky we looked. Hard to believe how much has changed since 1998. Anyway, I need to get one more kid to bed and not much exciting is happening around here. I will try to update if and when something exciting does happen!!

Thursday, January 10, 2008

Thursday, the last day.....

.....before school starts tomorrow at 8am. I have dreaded this day and hoped for this day to come over the past month. The sooner I start, the sooner I will be done. I have been working for this degree for about 4 years. I think I started taking my classes that I needed to get into nursing school around the time Jenna was 1 or 1 1/2. Then, it seemed like such a huge task, something that was just a little dream that was so far away. Now, I sit 4 months from being DONE with actual nursing school. In 5 months I will have my RN license (assuming I pass the NCLEX). I will be a working nursing in 5-7 months depending on when I start working. Wow. I can't believe I followed the dream all the way to the end. I am almost to the end of one road, and starting on my way down another. But back to reality, I have to finish 4 months of gruling studying, classes, clinical, papers, staying up late etc etc. But I have done it 3 other semesters and I can do it one more.

I am alone in the house, and must leave to get Jenna from her playdate. The kids are keeping me very busy. Wrestling almost takes over our lives this time of year. Bret is doing wonderful and loves his wrestling team. He is 55 pounds this year, he gained about 5 lb since last year. He has only lost 2 matches so far. He is such a hard worker. He works so hard at practice and during his matches. I am so proud of him. He has such determination, more than I have ever had. Jenna is busy with school and her social life. Both kids are just the joy of my life and I love watching them as they grow and change into these little people. So unlike me in many ways but like me in others. Amazing.

Sunday, January 06, 2008

ER and end of break coming soon.

You know how I said I got a preceptorship in a cardiac ICU? Well, a couple weeks ago I got an email from the instructor asking if I would like a ER/ED preceptorship instead. That was actually my first choice as I really want to know if I like emergency/trauma nursing. So, I am nervous but exciting to do my 48 hr in an ER. I will see and do a LOT!

I start back up to school Jan 11. I am hoping the semester will go fast. I am starting to print out my application materials. I am sending in my request for transcripts, getting my references lined up, and my resume finished. I am on my way.

Our vacation to Michigan was great. My new nephew is just as cute as can be. We miss him and my brother and sister in law already.

I got the Christmas decorations down this past week. I also did my post Christmas shopping to get stuff fore next year. Wrapping paper, gift tags, ornaments, lights etc. I bought some lights for outside and am going to make my hubby put them up next year. I also bought a 6' artificial tree to put up in the basement. We have a really big basement/playroom that we spend a lot of time in so I may do a traditional/white light more formal tree upstairs and a more homey/kids tree downstairs. I will use the colored lights and all the kid ornaments down there. I look forward to it already!

The kids are doing great. J has a mild ear infection so she is on amoxicilllin for that. She is busy playing with all her fun toys and adjusted to going back to school just fine. B was hoping not to go back to school. He told me "I just want to have peace at my home, and not get bossed around all day at school!" But he admitted that it is ok. He is having a great year in wrestling, but it seems to take up all our weekend time. He enjoys the tournaments, spending time with all the teammates. He is such a dedicated kid for only 7 yr old. I signed J up for gymnastics starting in Feb, and B up for 4 weeks of tennis lessons in April. Something different and hopefully fun. The cheerleading camp J liked before is not $48 for 2 /2 hr saturdays. I am not going to pay that much for 4 hr of cheerleading. The tennis lessons are 4 weeks and only $20.

Anyway, I better get kids fed, bathed, read to, and to bed. They both have school tomorrow.

Tuesday, January 01, 2008

I hate Webkinz

I got both J and B Webkinz for Xmas. J is totally able to get on and play and poor B just gets logged out every time. There is no customer support help at all. I feel so bad. I don't know what to do. He wants to play so bad!!! We are able to login but when we try to go into the room, it gives us a message and logs him out. So frustrating. I am just sick of it!!