Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Hello Stranger!

I found my blog again. I really want to document out lives, and I've been so bad about blogging. I am not sure if a paper journal would work better, or if I should try this again. I'll see what I can do! Things are back in full swing in our home with the kids in school, sports, piano, etc. Bret is in 4th grade, he is getting so big and grown up. He is so independent. He is at the point where it is no longer cool to have your mom walk to you into school or anything. He did ask me to come to lunch last week so there is still that. I love to see them grow, but sometimes it really is hard!!! Jenna is in 2nd grade and still is ok being seen with me. She loves school, they both do really. Jenna really likes it, Bret doesn't like the homework but still is all ready to go each morning. Bret will actually leave the house 15 min before he has to so he can socialize at the corner. He speeds off on his scooter every morning. Soon enough it will be too cold and snowy so I guess they should enjoy walking while they can. Jenna likes to dilly dally in the mornings but she gets there just in time. Here is our week:
Mondays: Church school, football practice
Tues: gymnastics, football game
Wed: piano lessons for both kids
Thur: football practice or game
Fri-Sun off for now but once wrestling starts that all changes.
I now work 3 days per week.
What my kids are into:
Bret: football and baseball cards, playing with friends (laser tag outside, kickball, football, riding bikes), video games (DS and Wii), Gormiti action figures, collects erasers this year!!!
Jenna: American Girl dolls (got her first one this past b-day, Chrissa), loves stuffed animals, playing house and restaurant with her friends, drawing, coloring, playing office
Ok, that is a start at an update. Hope to have more to come!!!!!!