Wednesday, July 23, 2008


I joined facebook a few weeks back (or months?) and just recently started playing around. It is kind of fun. I have found a few old faces, which is always neat.

Our summer is so busy right now. Baseball playoffs, VBS, football camp, birthdays, my job, DH traveling for work, and fitting in millions of playdates. My kids LOVE playdates with a passion. It is hard to find one every day though. They just love their friends.

I am about to deep clean my house, it is a mess.

Monday, July 21, 2008

I'm back...!!!!

My computer has been on the fritz and I had not had the motivation to log on to another computer but I figured I better update my blog. Not much is going on around here. Summer is slip sliding away as it always does. We have spent lots of time at our camper, on the boat, tubing, having lots of fun. I've spent lots of time with the kids and in a week I will be a working mom once again. I am excited, nervous, terrified, and happy about my new job. Some days I can't wait, and some days I don't want my start date to come! I know all will work out just fine.

The kids are doing great. We had Jenna's birthday party last Friday. I have to post all about my big 6 year old. We had a small party at the house, it went great. Bret is finishing up baseball season and they both go to VBS next week.

Sorry to be so brief but have lots to do today. I will post again soon!