Sunday, June 22, 2008


I seriously forget about blogging. I check other people's blogs but never think to update mine. What is my problem? I actually have time to blog now, and I am blogging less than ever. I am listening to my newly uploaded itunes right now, the kiddos are asleep, DH is on his way to a work meeting out of town, and I'm soon going to be in the shower and then sleeping soundly for at least 7 hours. We were at the camper this weekend and it was a nice time. We spent some time at the beach and I went tubing with my 2 kids and their cousin who is 10. We have a big 4 person tube and they just loved it, wanting to go faster and faster while I was wantin!g to go slower and slower! The weather was awesome. Sunny and warm and my tan is coming along nicely (yes I do wear sunscreen but still my skin just tans anyway!) This week we have t-ball and baseball on Mon and Wed and I am getting together with a friend and her 2 girls wed afternoon. I also am going to be spending time planning the wrestling float for the parade this sat. I kind of am in charge of that and I have never done anything like it ever in my life. Help me! We are just mainly trying to promote the wrestling club so we are doing flyers and candy. We have a trailer and an ATV to pull it but do not have any idea how to decorate it. I have balloons and crepe streamers in our colors and that is it. We are looking for the old banner to carry and my neighbor has a die cut machine to make big letters so we may make some cool signs to put on the float. I am trying to round up kids to hand out candy and be on the float. It really is going to be a lot of busy work this week. Hoping for a nice day saturday for the parade and carnival. Tooth fairy has to make an appearance tonight. B lost another baby tooth. She is out of cash so she had to find some gold dollar coins and make a coupon for a free book. She is also leaving a cute letter. J has yet to lose a tooth but B didn't lose any until 1st grade so she is sticking to that schedule I think. Anyway, I'm dead tired. Good night!

Monday, June 16, 2008


For the first time in a LONG time, I have TIME. Time to just sit back, relax, and enjoy my life. I have to admit I feel a little lost. I am ok with that and am learning to adjust to having nothing pressing to do. I also feel a little nervous to start working next month as that will just upset all this relaxing and simplicity I have going on. However, change is good and I'm sure we will thrive on the new working schedule. The kids already understand that I'm done with school and that I will start working soon. They know I'm working to help our family and so that we can do fun things like travel more and save up for things around the house and college. Ok, the college saving doesn't really excite the kids but I try to explain it all to them. I'm a little disappointed because my job starts the same week as vacation bible school. I always volunteer at VBS and won't be able to this year. I know I'm scheduled to work M-W, and not sure about Th and Fri. I hope to be able to be there for the friday sing along to wrap up the VBS week. My kids just love VBS, and I have always loved volunteering. I will really miss it. Hopefully next year I can take that week off (or if I'm still on evenings I will have mornings off anyway).

I'm home alone this week for a few days. I am up late as I usually am when I'm alone. I am always tired the next day but I have trouble sleeping at night when hubby is gone.

We found out last week that B needs glasses again. The ones he picked out are so cute. Jenna told him "Bret, you look really handsome with glasses" (when he was trying them on). He picked out some copper/red glasses that are a little "bold" but he is excited. I really really hope that all the kids think they are as cool as him. Is 3rd grade too young to think glasses aren't cool?

J had T-ball today, and she thinks she is really cool stuff. She has been waiting and waiting. I hope it is all she hoped it would be. It probably isn't as exciting as she was thinking but hopefully she will have fun. She really want to have real games like B, but this is more informal. I do think that they have a little game at the end and we will make a big deal about that for her. She really needs more of her own things. She just has not wanted to play sports like her brother until now. We tried dance and that totally flopped. She likes gymnastics and claims she is going to play basketball next year.

I'm off to bed!

Tuesday, June 10, 2008


I passed! I passed!! I PASSED!!!!!!!!
Now I can really start my summer vacation. Talk about relief!